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  • Ailia Ashworth

seasonal guide to plants for bees and other pollinators

Notes below from the talk given by Ailia Ashworth, October 5th 2022.

Spring Summer

Agrimony Alliums (inc Onions/leeks) Angelica

Almond Asparagus

Apple* Beans

Box Blackberry

Broom* Blackthorn (sloe)* Borage

Camassia Catmint*

Chives Ceanothus*

Clematis Citrus trees

Clover* Cosmos*

Comfrey* Cotoneaster*

Crocus Dandelion

Currants (red, white,black) Dandelion Deutzia

Daphne Dill

Forget-me-Not* Dog Rose

Forsythia Echinops*

Geranium pratense (Cranesbill)* Hawthorn* Edible Squash

Hazel Evening primrose Foxglove

Hellebore Germander

Holly* Globe Artichoke* Golden Rod

Honesty* Hogweed

Horse Chestnut Honeysuckle* Hypericum

Knapweed* Lavender*

Lilac* Mint*

Medlar Mock Orange

Mustard (green manure) Pear* Myrtle

Plum* Nettle*

Poppy Oregano*

Pussy Willow Oriental poppy

Ribes* (flowering currant) Solomon Seal Ox-eye Daisy*

Sorbus (Mountain Ash/Rowan) Sycamore Passion Flower

Wisteria Peas

Wood Anenome Potentilla

Purple Loosestrife* Pyracantha

Autumn Queen Ann’s lace Ragged Robin

Achillea Red Clover

Aster* Rosebay Willow herb Sage*

Buddleja* Sloe(Blackthorn) Strawberry

Calendula* Sweet William* Vibernum

Calluna (Ling heather)* Cardoon* Virginia creeper Walnut

Cyclamen Weigela

Echinacea* White Clover

Erica (Bell heather)* Eryngium*


Golden Rod (Solidago) Heather Winter

Hypericum Cyclamen

Ivy* Daphne odorata

Japanese Anenome Mallow Hellebore

Nasturtium Mahonia

Nicotiana Snowdrop

Onion Squill

Parsnip Winter Aconite

Raspberry Winter Jasmine

Rosemary* Witch Hazel







Verbena bonariensis*

Viper’s Bugloss*



This list is of readily available plants for flower, vegetable, herb and wild gardens, from window boxes to large gardens.

Consider putting a green roof on your shed, log store or bin shelter too! Leave an area of lawn unmown from May to July and watch the variety of wild flowers increase each year.

* Many of these plants are also attractive to butterflies, and birds if left to seed or fruit.


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