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Titchfield Gardeners' Club is part of the historic village of Titchfield, Hampshire community.  Established in March 1986, and celebrates many

years of activity.

The club has a busy annual programme (subject to change) - two shows, a spring sale, several social visits/events and monthly meetings. It produces a monthly newsletter and has a friendly Facebook page.

Membership is £12/year and visitors are always welcome to the meetings for a fee of £5.

qgc-souvenir-square 2.jpg

Tree planting at Exbury for the 

Queen's Green Canopy, 2022

titchfield gardeners club rhs wisley vis


1986 —

Titchfield Gardeners’ Club was founded by the first chairs, Chris Leese and Celia Wilkinson

1987 —

The first show was held in the Parish Room, and has been held there every September since

1988 —

Audrey Biggs elected as chair

1999 —

Brian Patten elected as chair

2015 —

Steve Nash elected as chair

2019 —

Caroline McGrath elected as chair

2022 —

Sarah Green elected as chair

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